MoMA’s Newest Artist is an AI Trained on 180,000 Works

“Unsupervised” reaches new highs in what’s possible with AI, creating a breathing being that synthesizes 180,000 artworks from MoMA.

As a painter would use pigment, Refik Anadol uses data to create his art. After looking at his body of work—which has pioneered the use of artificial intelligence for years—you might also say that neural networks are his brushes. His latest exhibit at MoMA, Unsupervised, is the pinnacle of this philosophy and then more.

The colossal installation—a stunning 24- by 24-foot digital display that fills the entire MoMA lobby—renders an infinite animated flow of images, each of them dreamed up as you watch by an AI model fed by the museum’s entire collection of artwork. This flow is controlled by what happens around it, making the piece feel like it’s alive.

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