Mojo Vision’s Smart Contact Lens Could Be Transformative for Sight Impaired

Mojo Vision, a Saratoga, California-based startup is seeking to improve the lives of people living with sight loss by launching a smart contact lens that can overlay information on the real world and augment what the wearer sees.

The sight enhancement wearables market has gathered significant pace over the past five years off the back of the widespread adoption of the smartphone, which has led to rapid advancements in mini camera and display technologies.

Nonetheless, manufacturers and consumers alike continue to be dogged by an eternal trade-off between form and functionality.

Virtual Reality-style headsets provide compelling viewing experiences but are socially undesirable and restrict the wearer’s mobility.

Slimline smart glasses, on the other hand, tend not to always be able to offer the immersion and advanced optics required to meaningfully enhance low vision.

Through its Mojo Lens device, Mojo Vision is seeking to overcome both of these technical hurdles one step at a time and help realize a decades-long dream for the visually impaired — to have an inconspicuous sight-boosting prosthetic that can be worn all day.

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