Microsoft puts AI in the heart of Windows 11 with Windows Copilot

“AI is going to be the single largest driver of innovation for Windows in the years to come,” said Panos Panay, Microsoft Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer.

The new Windows Copilot tool lives in the Windows sidebar and, as with Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot, you can use it as a super-powered search engine by typing in general questions. But true to its name, it’s also deeply integrated with Windows. You can ask it to accomplish tasks within the OS — like turning on the night light mode, or changing your desktop background — without fishing around for specific settings. Windows Copilot can also function as a genuine virtual assistant by summarizing documents, or launching a photo app to accomplish a few edits before sending it off to a group of your coworkers. Cortana would never.

Windows Copilot, just like Bing Chat, will also support the same third-party plugins that OpenAI’s ChaptGPT uses. That means any developer will be able to easily connect their apps to AI, an essential move to make these products more useful. Every software platform needs a thriving third-party ecosystem to survive — just think of what iOS or Android would be like if you were stuck using only Apple or Google’s apps.

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