MF DOOM Graffiti Tributes

To celebrate MF DOOM’s life, many writers hit the streets to paint tribute murals and graffiti dedicated to Viktor Vaughn.

When news of MF DOOM’s tragic death hit everyone on New Year’s Eve, the global hip-hop community mourned the loss of one of the world’s greatest MCs. One group particularly impacted by the announcement was the graffiti community. As hardcore MF DOOM fans know, The Metal Faced Terrorist was an avid graffiti bomber himself. Daniel Dumile’s bubble-lettered logo was not just something he slapped onto album covers and merch. He actually painted it on walls and repped the CM crew, which is still being held down today by writers like Niceo. Graffiti was even how DOOM came up with the name of his first rap group, KMD.

“I was actually walking down the street and looking at graffiti. Actually, we were trying to start a graffiti crew at the time and that’s how the name KMD got started,” the late MF DOOM told writer David Ma. “So our first thing was to pick some letters that sounded good together. Then we picked what each individual letters stood for. That’s how KMD came about.”

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