Meta Quest Pro: The Future of Virtual Reality is Mixed Reality

Sherri L. Smith reviews the Meta Quest Pro, the company’s first entry into a high-end VR headset space.

Seamlessly blending the real world with all manner of virtual ones, the future of VR absolutely lies in MR. And Meta is leading the way with the expensive, but still incredibly titilating Meta Quest Pro. And while that’s enough of a feat, Meta also took the time to really drill down on what makes virtual reality so cool, improving the eye and face tracking. They even brought the controllers into mix giving them their own set of sensors and processors for enhanced haptics and precision that makes the experience that much more immersive. And they did it without violating you or anyone else’s privacy.

But $1,500 is a far cry from the $399 Quest 2 and while it’s marketed as a high-end device. This price point means squarely puts it in the realm of developers, deep pocketed early adopters and enterprise. That’s right business. With the many of the demos I experience focused on project collaboration and productivity, I can definitely see the Meta Quest Pro being sold to businesses at a bulk price for use in hybrid work situations.

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