Matthew Ball’s “The Metaverse” Book is the Most Comprehensive Description of the Metaverse Stack

Ball tells the broader story of the Metaverse, helping bring a more grounded definition of the Metaverse reflecting what’s already happening in gaming and where it’s likely to go in the future.

Matthew Ball’s “The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything” book is the most comprehensive articulation of the Metaverse technology stack, as well as it’s foundational principles catalyzing a paradigm shift from 2D into 3D into spatial and immersive computing.

What started as an essay on Fortnite (Feb 5, 2019), then evolved into an essay on the Metaverse (Jan 13, 2020), then evolved into a series of essays with his Metaverse Primer (Jun 28-29, 2021), and now has tripled in size with the publication of Ball’s The Metaverse book (Jul 19, 2022) that dives into specifying each layer of the Metaverse tech stack, where it’s at now, and where he expects it might go in the future.

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