Mark Zuckerberg Demonstrates Meta’s High-End Project Cambria VR Headset

The upcoming headset is able to do high-resolution, full-color passthrough so that wearers can interact with virtual objects overlaid onto their real-life environments.

The mixed reality experience is built using Meta’s Presence Platform, which was introduced last fall. Current Quest headsets are only capable of displaying passthrough content in shades of gray, but Project Cambria will have much higher resolution image sensors to make the real world look better inside the headset.

Meta also posted this two-and-a-half-minute video highlighting its Presence Platform, which shows the massive difference in experience between the Quest and Cambria headsets. Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth wrote on Twitter that an SDK update next week will include “the full set of Presence Platform tools powered by machine perception and AI—Passthrough, Spatial Anchors, Scene, Interaction and Voice SDKs, and our recently updated Hand Tracking API.”

The demo reel mostly shows Zuckerberg gesturing toward the cartoony character from this Oppy video and appearing to paint its environment over the real world. It also includes clips of other Meta AR projects, again teasing the possibility that you’ll wear one of these to visit a virtual office environment and work on your cloud workstation using augmented reality.

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