Little Printer Returns

With Little Printer, you can send friends a printed comic, tweet, or a nice message that won’t get buried underneath all your other notifications because it’s actually real!

Berg’s Little Printer, an adorable internet-connected box that printed out tiny snippets of news, Instagram photos, and to-do lists, stopped working when the studio and its servers shut down in 2014. Now, design consultancy firm Nord Projects has brought it back to life with a brand-new app, and it added the ability to send messages between devices, as reported by Core77.

A group of Little Printer enthusiasts on GitHub collaborated to get the device back online through an open-source server called Sirius. Nord Projects then designed a Little Printers iOS app that re-created old favorite features like poster fonts and dithergrams, while adding a few more modern touches. The app lets you print photos and notes via the iOS Share sheet, and it has its own API so you can connect it to IFTTT services and have it print whatever is on your RSS feed.

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