Latest Boring Tunnel Transit

The Boring Company has been busy refining its tunnel technology since unveiling it last December, and a new video has provided the best encapsulation of the experience yet.

In the video, a Boring Company team member is first seen transporting Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson and another passenger in a Tesla Model 3 onto the system’s elevator entrance while discussing driver options during the journey. “We usually offer a slower ride on Autopilot or a fast ride [with] manual driving,” the driver explained. The group then sped through the tunnel, reaching a maximum 116 mph while crossing the underground distance from the corner of Prairie & 120th Street to the corner of Crenshaw & Rocket Rd in Hawthorne, CA. Total travel time between each of the the tunnel ends was about one minute.

The Model 3 driver also revealed upcoming self-driving options for future Boring tunnel transits. “Right now Autopilot goes up to 90 [mph], and we’re increasing it to 125,” he detailed. The group traveled using the manual driving option in the video, however. Alongside updates to driving options available, a button labeled “Request Departure” was added to initiate the tunnel journey via the all-electric midsize sedan’s touchscreen, and route information was displayed while underground.

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