Labrador’s Self-Driving Robot Shelves

Labrador’s robots, named Caddie and Retriever, are designed to help around the house by ferrying goods.

They’re both about the size of a side-table and come equipped with wheels and sensors that let them navigate your home. Owners will set a number of “bus-stops” for the machines (e.g. “in the kitchen” and “by the couch”) and the robots will move between these locations on command, automatically steering around obstacles and people. Both bots can be directed by apps or using verbal commands via an Alexa integration.

The robots’ max load is 25 pounds, or around 11 kilograms. They move at a steady walking pace and recharge themselves automatically overnight. The big difference between the two machines is that Retriever can raise and lower itself and has a pair of conveyor-belt like arms that lets it grab trays (if they’ve been placed in a suitable location). But the selling point for both is the same: “move stuff from A to B.”

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