Labour’s Secret WhatsApp Group

Jeremy Corbyn’s communications staff set up a private WhatsApp Group with journalists and columnists to coordinate election messaging and social media attack lines

While organisational WhatsApp channels are not uncommon in politics for MPs and parties to communicate with journalists — the right-wing Tory ERG, for example, has a broadcast list to political journalists over WhatsApp — the Greggs group was explicitly about coordinating messaging in an effort to get Corbyn elected.

“As ever, big groups like this can sometimes become problematic so please keep it comradely and strictly business (of getting JC in No. 10).

“Also as ever, please do not talk about this group to anyone outside the group.”

Other than two Corbyn communications officials and an assortment of Labour party activists, the members included Guardian columnists Rachel Shabi and Owen Jones, Guardian multimedia journalist Maeve Shearlaw, Novara Media freelancer Joseph Todd and Michael Walker, i Paper columnist Liam Young, Private Eye and BuzzFeed News contributor Solomon Hughes, former BBC Newsnight and Channel 4 economics editor Paul Mason and freelancers Dawn Foster, Michael Segalov and Vincent Bevins.

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