Kitty Hawk partners with Boeing

Kitty Hawk, one of the flying car startups backed by Google founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page, announced that it’s partnering with Boeing to develop its semi-autonomous flying taxi.

Specifically, Kitty Hawk will work with Boeing on its two-seater Cora flying vehicle, which it hopes to one day use for a semi-autonomous flying taxi service.

Its aim is for Cora to one day provide a flying taxi service that can reportedly be summoned with an app. The plan is for the vehicle to not have a pilot on board; instead, it will be flown mainly by autopilot systems, with supervision from a human pilot situated remotely. It sounds like getting this system to work safely could be a key element of its partnership with Boeing since the company’s NeXt division is focused on ways for autonomous and piloted craft to share airspace safely.

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