Julia Ibbini‘s Laser-Cut Paper Designs

United Emirates-based artist Julia Ibbini sources elements from Islamic geometry, embroidery, meenakari enamel work, and even electronic music to inspire the designs that compose her laser cut paper works.

Ibbini uses computer algorithms to create digital designs that she laser cuts onto paper. She then layers these detailed pieces and hand-paints them with ink in brilliant shades of pink, blue, yellow, and orange. Her solo exhibition The Sublime Line opens April 3, 2019 at Jonathan LeVine Projects and runs through May 3, 2019.

“The visual vocabulary to which I’m most drawn is the language of pattern and ornament. It fascinates me endlessly with each line, curve, symmetry and rhythm sharing ideas and stories. I use ornament and pattern as a way to document my experience with sources ranging from electronic music, to Arabic geometry, embroidery, to topographic contour markings.”

“Each work begins with a single line and a circle which then are built into digital units to make up larger drawings using a combination of software tools. Once the drawings are complete they are cut in numerous layers out of paper and mylar using a customised laser machine.”

“A single piece can take months to design, weeks to cut and can comprise of hundreds of individual parts. The final development is carried out entirely by hand with each part glued individually and combined with ink poured over mylar to create intensity of colour.”

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