JP Aerospace’s Huge Sci-Fi Looking Airships

After years of flying exotic airships, JP Aerospace plans to create massive orbital platforms and V-shaped airships that float slowly up to space

Space is clearly the final frontier for the American armed forces, as made clear by the recent creation of the U.S. Space Force. The establishment of the newest branch of the United States’ military has been controversial, as have several seemingly bizarre statements about the shadowy space fighting capabilities of America and its adversaries. Despite the controversy, it is undeniable that the space domain will play an increasingly important role in the militaries and economies of the 21st century.

For that reason, revolutionary spaceflight startups, such as SpaceX, and more established companies, such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, are working to expand access to rocket-based spaceflight and even reusable launch vehicles. While these high-profile companies tend to get most of the press with spectacular launches, and in SpaceX’s case, spectacular landings, there is another revolutionary aerospace company, JP Aerospace (JPA), that has for years been exploring a potentially simpler, cheaper, and safer way to reach outer space via orbital airships.

The War Zone recently spoke with JP Aerospace’s founder John Powell to discuss the company’s huge sci-fi looking craft, as well as the promise of using lighter-than-air craft to put spacecraft in orbit, the possibility of even building floating “cities on the edge of space,” and more.

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