Jetson CEO Takes His eVTOL on a Commute to Work

Walk out into your back yard, jump into a next-generation electric VTOL flying machine, lift off and soar your way to the office helipad: that’s the dream of personal eVTOL ownership.

Sweden’s Jetson One aircraft is pure simplicity: a coaxial octacopter with a seat and a roll cage and enough batteries for 20 minutes of agile, buzzy flight at speeds up to 63 mph (102 km/h). It’s got some limited autonomy capability; if you let go of the sticks it’ll hover in place, or find somewhere to land if the battery’s low, but really it’s designed to be flown for fun, with a joystick and a throttle.

The machine itself might not push too many boundaries technologically, but Jetson has done a great job of presenting the experience of eVTOL flight in its videos. And in a new one released today, the company claims it’s made “the world first eVTOL commute to work,” as Patan straps into the Jetson One, lifts off from his back yard, and flies the thing straight to a landing pad at work.

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