Is Collaborative Intelligence the Future Of Work?

With many employees spending at least a quarter of their time on manual, repetitive tasks, it is worth identifying how to enhance both man and machine by looking at collaborative intelligence.

AI-enabled automation favors the human workforce by taking away the no/low-value tasks and leaving the interesting and creative ones for humans. The best part of this collaboration is that both parties can empower each other.

• Human agent improvements: leadership, cognition and creativity.

• AI agent improvements: Speed, scalability, semantics and computation.

For collaboration to flourish, human agents must empower AI: train (specific tasks), explain (outcomes) and sustain (remove bias and prejudices). This way, the applications become smarter. The AI, on the other hand, can process copious amounts of data and create insights to help employees make better decisions. Here is how Voice AI-enabled collaborative intelligence is transforming agent productivity and engagement.

• About 70% of contact center calls are about simplistic tier-I issues. AI would automate these calls and prevent agents from engaging in these conversations as queries on account balance, departure timing updates, servicing dates, etc.

• Instant summary, transcripts and history of the conversation are provided by the Voice AI agent when it escalates the call. The customer doesn’t have to repeat information, saving their time and the agent’s time while enhancing the experience.

• Real-time assistance can be given to the contact center agent as the Voice AI agent can be deployed to listen to the conversation and help the agent furnish relevant information. This is an evolving area with much potential.

• Post-call summary, feedback and easy scheduling of follow-ups such as reminders or payment collection can be done by the Voice AI agent, and it can execute these tasks without the need for a human agent.

• Human agents can easily schedule and plan outreach campaigns to their customers, strategizing and sequencing their interactions at optimal points. This unlocks their productivity and outcomes.

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