Internet of Things: Smart Cities Pick Up the Pace

Early hype around adoption of Internet of Things networks gives way to realities on the ground

Although the idea of a connected “smart city” is at least a decade old, progress towards realisation has only accelerated over the past few years.

Today, AI is mainly used in cities to manage traffic and improve waste removal, says Simon Dixon, a smart city expert at Deloitte, a consultancy. For example, Cascais in Portugal is one of many cities to use sensor-fitted rubbish bins to notify local authorities as they approach capacity, allowing refuse trucks to be utilised more efficiently. The technologies enabled Cascais to cut the number of refuse trucks by 20 per cent, according to Deloitte, which helped the city develop the system.

In the US city of South Bend, Indiana, IoT sensors in the sewer system monitor water levels and redirect wastewater. The system has prevented at least 3.8bn litres of raw sewage from entering the river each year, according to Indiana University.

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