Intel’s Enormous Foldable Screen PC prototype

Thanks to new folding display technology, Intel has built a prototype PC called Horseshoe Bend that offers a little laptop with a big screen

And I mean a really big screen. It measures 17.3 inches diagonally, a notch bigger than the 16-inch display in Apple’s latest high-end MacBook Pro. You can best appreciate it — as CNET has in an exclusive look — when you fully unfold Horseshoe Bend, flip out its built-in kickstand, perch it on a tabletop and use its wireless keyboard.

But that’s just one setup. You can also partially fold it into a regular clamshell laptop shape — except that its enormous screen sweeps down from the top all the way to where the keyboard would go. To type, you can use either a virtual keyboard or, if you’re squeezed into an airline seat, magnetically attach the physical keyboard that covers the bottom portion of the screen. With the keyboard snapped on, it’s like a regular laptop 12.5-inch screen.

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