#Insurgency at the Crossroads

Trump’s open source #insurgency often appears unstoppable. All of the traditional methods of political opposition have proven unable to damage it for more than a few days (at most). However, in late October, we saw the outlines of a dynamic that suggests that may not be true for much longer. Let’s dig in.

In the last few weeks of October, we saw the following pattern:

  • An uptick in ​domestic terrorism​ connected to Trump’s #insurgency. The Florida Van Man Mail Bomber targeted vocal political opponents. The Kentucky Kroger Terrorist killed 2. The Pittsburgh Synagogue Terrorist killed 11.
  • To minimize the damage to the insurgency, Trump rapidly shifted the national conversation through something best termed a ​fast transient​. In this case, the fast transient was a proposal to end birthright citizenship through Presidential edict. On cue, the insurgency and the resistance immediately began to battle over the proposal.
  • However, something new happened. Technology companies, from Facebook to Paypal to GoDaddy, took the opportunity to rapidly deplatform (physically disconnect) many of the people (Proud Boys, etc.) and companies (Gab, etc.) it deemed to be potentially violent.

This new dynamic may be the beginning of the end for the insurgency since it turns a strength​ of the insurgency into a debilitating ​weakness.​ In order to understand why, let’s dig into how open source insurgency’s work.

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