Hyperloop: A Reality in Five Years?

Hyperloop could start to form an interconnected mesh of electric cars and flying machines in just five years’ time

The transit system, first detailed by Elon Musk in a 2013 white paper, could traverse the 380 miles between San Francisco and Los Angeles in just 35 minutes at a speed of 760 mph. It’s come under criticism from experts that question, among other issues, whether a sealed tube would work — as in, stay sealed — work over such long distances.

Not only would it work, one industry expert claims, but a track could emerge within a decade.

Thierry Marin-Martinod, aerospace and defense chief technology officer for Switzerland-based TE Connectivity, tells Inverse that “we should see a project” in “best case, five, less than eight years.” (TE Connectivity is a sponsor of rLoop, a Reddit-formed team that competed in SpaceX’s first hyperloop competition in January 2017.)

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