How To Stream Netflix With Friends

Netflix Party allows you and some friends to get together and watch some Netflix.

While we are stuck at home, social distancing in response to the coronavirus, one thing is missing from many of our lives: hanging out with friends. There are a few ways to help ease the pain, like using Animal Crossing to connect to each other, but it’s not a substitute for just hanging out with your buds. Luckily, there’s Google Chrome extensions that allows you to virtually connect with your friends and watch Netflix called Netflix Party, and it might just be exactly what you need right now.

Netflix Party is a simple-to-use extension that lets you watch TV and movies from Netflix with your friends, at the same time. You can catch up on what’s happening in your lives in the handy chatroom that it adds in the sidebar or riff on a movie together √† la Mystery Science Theater 3000. Even if you don’t use the text chat and opt for a video or voice call using an app of your choosing, what makes Netflix Party particularly useful is the way it syncs up what you’re watching for everyone with a link. If you’ve ever tried to coordinate a virtual watch party, sometimes counting down and pressing play at the same time just doesn’t cut it.

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