How To Hack Your Reality With Sound

Berlin-Based Producer Xosar shares seven occult techniques that you can use to create real change in your life.

Few artists use music like Xosar (a.k.a. Sheela Rahman). The Berlin-based techno producer draws on her near-encyclopedic knowledge of the occult to create works that feel like they’re somehow enacting change on a plane beyond the boundaries of normal perception. As it turns out, “sound healing” happens to be one of her many occult interests. We asked her to provide us with a guide to some of the techniques that she uses.

“You can re-write the source code of your reality using the very compounds that created it: vibration. The vibrations you emit through thoughts, words, actions, intentions and expressions affect the behavior of subatomic particles. The body and field around it are programmable by language and sound. Program it wisely, and it will program you back.

Becoming aware of your inner universe and subconscious thought patterns can aid in your understanding of which sensory inputs are helping you and which are harming you. This awareness will help you make decisions that align with your highest potential. Buy a biofeedback device, like Muse, and download apps onto your smartphone that let you observe your brain frequencies in real time (I recommend MuseMonitor or FlameinMind). Various sensory inputs create different patterns in your brain frequencies and thoughts. Learn what situations create greater calm and coherence, and which create disharmony, unease or chaotic confusion.”

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