How to Build a Liquid Super Team

Cooperation is the winning strategy in the Great Online Game.

The Passion or Creator Economy (used interchangeably here despite subtle differences) is about empowering individuals to do more on their own. The individual is the atomic unit of the internet economy. You no longer need to be a part of a large company to successfully compete with a large company. That’s what Power to the Person was all about; in the not-so-distant future, there will be a trillion-dollar company with just one full-time employee, the founder.

The Cooperation Economy is about what’s possible when many of those individual atomic units recombine in new ways, of their own volition. The Cooperation Economy is emergent; if companies are planned top-down, collaborations form and dissipate as needed. Individuals will come together — formally or informally — to create Liquid Super Teams, formed of people with the right set of combined attributes for the task at hand. They might last a day, they might last three years. Then each member will go their own way, until they find the next quest to join.

If we’re playing the Great Online Game, these Liquid Super Teams are our squads. Individual venture capitalists are teaming up to invest in great companies and use their combined skills to help them grow. DAOs are forming to buy NFTs, build products, and even bid on NBA teams. I’m even part of a startup made up of all part-time people.

The ideas in this essay are based on my recent observations and experiences.

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