How The Metaverse Won Christmas

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, had the most popular app in Apple’s App Store on Christmas Day: the Oculus virtual reality app.

That’s the app people download to manage the Oculus VR headset, and its top ranking is an indicator Meta’s VR headset was one of the most popular technology gifts over the holidays.

App Store rankings aren’t perfect, but they offer a good snapshot of how popular a given app is at a moment in time. It’s also a good peek into technology trends every Christmas as folks activate all their new gadgets.

In Meta’s case, this is the first time its Oculus app has topped the App Store on Christmas. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this year that the company will invest at least $10 billion to build the metaverse, a virtual world he believes will become the standard for social networking, gaming and even work in the future. Zuckerberg believes in the metaverse concept so much that he changed Facebook’s name to Meta this fall.

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