How Have Covid-19 Vaccines Been Made?

Unprecedented international cooperation and focus have led to multiple effective and safe Covid-19 vaccines in less than a year, and created a blueprint for future vaccine development.

The Covid-19 pandemic threatens every one of us, wherever we are, which has demanded a new global approach to vaccine development. There has been unprecedented international attention, cooperation and use of resources, enabling us to act at speed to stop people dying and protect livelihoods.

For most diseases, developing a vaccine can take more than 10 years. The development process is expensive, so to keep costs down development takes place slowly, each stage only beginning when the previous stage is successfully completed.

This has meant a fundamental redesign of the staggered approach of conventional vaccine development, so that Covid-19 vaccine development can safely be done much faster.

So far, it has been an extraordinary success – a brilliant example of what we can achieve when we work together.

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