How Has Social Media Usage Changed?

As usage soars, what are social media platforms doing to help support and inform users?

As a large chunk of the global population hunkers down in isolation away from their friends and family, technology has become a crutch for human connection.

Consequently, one could argue that social media is serving its true purpose now more than it ever did before – to bring people together over distance (whether that’s around the world or down the road).

Across the board, social apps have reported increased engagement as users find themselves with more spare time to scroll, post and share content.

The type of content we’re consuming has also changed. According to GlobalWebIndex, 48% of US and UK consumers use social media to read more news as a result of the outbreak, meaning platforms now have even greater responsibility to prevent the sharing of misinformation.

So, as usage soars, how are the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter responding in order to help its users be better connected, informed and supported in the face of a global pandemic?

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