How GitLab Gets Things Done

Tech Crunch recently had a chance to talk to GitLab’s head of Remote, Darren Murph, who filled them in on how they get stuff done.

TechCrunch: So your official title is “Head of Remote.” What does that entail?

Darren Murph: It’s three things.

It’s telling our remote story to the world, it’s making sure that people who join the company acclimate to working in an all-remote setting and it’s building out the educational piece. The “all-remote” section of our handbook has dozens of guides on how we do everything remotely, from async, to meetings, to hiring and compensation, and I’m the author of all of that.

We do that to better the world; we put it all out there, it’s open source. We want other companies to read it, implement it and use it. We never saw COVID coming, but I kind of knew that down the road [this handbook] would be necessary. Thankfully, I started working on it in advance. Now that the world needs it… it’s been crazy. We packaged up our best thinking in that remote playbook, and it’s just been off the charts with companies downloading it. It’s been wild.

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