How Countries Are Reopening

A list of how countries around the world are reopening, how they’re doing it and who remains under lockdown.

Here are the countries and territories that have implemented mandatory mass quarantines so far — and how some of them are beginning to open up.

Germany is slowly reopening — though it’s also seen the infection rate rise.
Hairdressers, playgrounds, churches, and museums were able to reopen on May 4, as well as some schools, according to Vox. All restaurants will be able to reopen in mid-May, according to CBS News.

Brazil’s infection numbers have surpassed Spain and Italy, but president Jair Bolsonaro has not instituted a lockdown.
Business Insider’s Sophia Ankel reported that the country has emerged as a new hotspot, and morgues, hospitals, and cemeteries are grappling with rising rates of infection.

President Jair Bolsonaro has downplayed the pandemic and even encouraged anti-lockdown protesters — he has also argued with governors who imposed stay-at-home orders.

In South Korea, citizens have been told to return to normal life, although a spike in infections from nightclubs have caused concern.

In South Korea, cases spiked after a man later diagnosed with coronavirus went to several nightclubs. The man went to clubs in the country’s gay district, prompting fears of discrimination from the LGBTQ community.

Clubs and nightclubs have been asked to close in Seoul, and the outbreak could further delay the resumption of in-person instruction.

South Koreans have been told to return to their lives, with schools, museums, concert venues, stadiums, and libraries to open in the coming weeks, according to Reuters.

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