How Apple and Google Abuse Their Market Power

New cases show how Google and Apple use their market power to give themselves unfair advantages.

Google decided not only to build Google Meet into Gmail, but to inflict a giant button on inbox screens for all G Suite users by default. It can be turned off, but the company is clearly sacrificing user experience to push its own agenda against Zoom.

In Apple’s case, the decision was to tell the company that makes the brand new email app called Hey that it cannot distribute its app on the iPhone unless it makes it possible for users to sign up via Apple’s own prescribed methods — which gives Apple a 30 percent cut.

The timing of all this is simply incredible, with so many happenings that I’d be nuts to focus on anything else. Not only does Apple’s WWDC developer conference kick off in less than a week, the EU literally opened up an antitrust investigations into App Store and Apple Pay practices the very same day this Hey thing went down!

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