How 5G Will Transform Our Lives

Like the advent of electrification before it, 5G will transform countries, industries, and societies all over the world, catalyzing unprecedented growth

In fact, according to a new IHS Markit study commissioned by Qualcomm, 5G will contribute to $13.2 trillion in global economic output in 2035, supporting 22 million jobs that year. A Defense Department report from earlier this year states, “5G will enable a host of new technologies that will change the standard of public and private sector operations, from autonomous vehicles to smart cities, virtual reality, and battle networks.”

The pace of the 5G rollout is unprecedented in the history of cellular. In the first year of 4G, there were just three device manufacturers and four mobile operators using the network. By contrast, we expect 45 different operators to launch 5G service globally, alongside 45 device manufacturers, in 2020, the year 5G is expected to roll out.

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