Hologram Doctors Beamed to Space Station to Visit Astronauts

In 2021, a team of hologram doctors was “holoported” to space to visit astronauts living aboard the International Space Station, NASA has revealed in a new post.

The hologram teams, led by NASA flight surgeon Dr. Josef Schmid and Fernando De La Peña Llaca, CEO of software provider Aexa Aerospace, were the first humans to ever be “holoported” from Earth to space.

“This is completely new manner of human communication across vast distances,” Schmid said in the statement. “Furthermore, it is a brand-new way of human exploration, where our human entity is able to travel off the planet. Our physical body is not there, but our human entity absolutely is there.”

(In the image below, Schmid can be seen greeting the astronauts in space with a well-known space greeting, the Vulcan salute from “Star Trek”)

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