“People are bad at walking”

Casey Johnston makes an unapologetic case as to why self-driving cars are delusional tech optimism rooted in greed.

The doomsday AI narrative struggles to become reality

Optimism about self-driving cars has sustained a fever pitch for so many years, at this point, that some die-hard boosters of the concept would still insist it’s an inevitability. Countless journalists who have experienced, with their own bodies and two eyes, a self-driving car journey, have declared it the inevitable future. These journeys have only taken place thus far on little obstacle courses that amount to little more than a carnival ride, or in at least one case, a road test where the car does fine by itself until it encounters any remotely challenging human-interaction scenario. At that point, the PR handler or engineer in the driver seat slickly takes over driving just for a split second, hoping the journalist doesn’t register that those split seconds are when the self-driving cars’ abilities, or lack thereof, matter the most…

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