Harvard Astronomer believes Oumuamua was Alien Tech

In his book, Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, Dr. Avi Loeb lays out why he believes the object was an intergalactic attempt to contact Earth.

“The most exciting aspect of the possibility that ‘Oumuamua is weird and unlike any asteroid or comet that we had seen before is that it might be a product of an alien technology,” Loeb told Motherboard in an email. “If so, we might not be the ‘sharpest cookie in the jar’ or ‘the smartest kid on the block.’ We should search for additional interstellar objects to find out.”

Exactly what the object is unknown, but the professor is certain it’s an object from a distant alien civilization. NASA can confirm it came from another solar system, accelerated in a non-comet-like way through space, and that “astronomers had never seen a natural object with such extreme proportions in the solar system before.”

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