Hacker Breaks Into Scammers’ CCTV and Computers

Jim Browning runs a YouTube channel dedicated to busting fake PC support scam centers. He recently gained access to a scam centers computers and even their office CCTV system

Tech support scammers make money by preying on vulnerable internet users, freaking them out with fake malware alerts that lead to phony help lines where agents ask for money in exchange for a solution. While plenty of people know how to avoid these kind of scams, others are terrified of them, and can lose not just money, but the sort of important personal information that leads to identity theft in the process.

A guy who goes by “Jim Browning” has just exposed one of these groups—a Delhi, India-based outfit that operates under a number of fake names, including Faremart Travels—by getting in touch with a “virus removal” support number and hacking into their servers to monitor their work and record the office through their CCTV cameras.

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