Google is Starting to Act Like a University

Google’s new Career Certificates program is changing higher education by offering a new alternative to traditional university degrees.

Want to become a Data Analyst or a UX Designer? How about a Project Manager? Google Career Certificates provides a pathway to these well-paying jobs — no college degree necessary.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think students will turn down Princeton to get a six-month Google Certificate. But it is a game changer because it forces colleges to think beyond the four-year undergraduate degree to create products that deliver education when, how and where people want it.

Google’s Career Certificates demonstrate that traditional higher education is no longer the only dominion of accredited higher education institutions. Instead, I predict there will be a variety of entrants moving into the higher education space, offering valuable credentials and providing the skills needed to launch professionally. What Google figured out is that employers don’t care about accreditation, they care about competencies. With its brand recognition, Google can offer a credential that has real value.

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