Goldie’s Latest Journey

Though it’s been years since he went bombing, graffiti continues to run strong through Goldie’s veins and he is embodying the art form by opening up a permanent art gallery in Bangkok dedicated to street art.

And is that why you picked Thailand to be home to Aurum Gallery? Forget that you lived there, I want to understand why Thailand when your cultural history was bred in the west?

“Does New York need another gallery? Does London need another gallery? Does Miami need another gallery? I don’t need to do something that’s already been done. Financially, I don’t need money, nothing I’ve ever done has been motivated by that. Instead, I like the idea of having something that’s culturally displaced. And Bangkok is a city that’s growing and the Charoen Krung area reminds me of Shoreditch … when it was cool. 25 years ago in Shoreditch, there was nothing there too — no shops, no coffee shops, no fancy bullshit. But we made a cultural impact there and that’s what matters to me. So if we start a little fire over here, something good might come of it.”

There are two things in the world that run alongside: art and music, and one of those has been compromised. You can download music pretty much for free anywhere. But when it comes to art, it can’t be downloaded — it’s so primal. You have to go into a space and sit with a painting. And I just want a whole bunch of people that have not seen these artists in the flesh to look at this stuff and go, “Wow, this is great.” But also to have these really stupidly famous paintings next to a kid that no one really knows, I want to put exposure on those guys too.”

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