Get Started With Making AI Art in 2022

An introduction to the history of AI generated art with links to lots of tutorials and other resources.

If you are interested about the current AI graphic art scene, this is meant for you. I wrote a short post aimed at newcomers as the very first thing in this blog many moons ago – when I was a rank beginner myself. Since then, things have advanced so rapidly that I felt a completely new “guide to the perplexed” was needed, helping people to start navigating in this wonderful new space.

I’ll start with an introduction, and then we’ll go over information and resources on three levels of engagement that correspond roughly to hobbyist, artist and finally artist-developer. This posts focuses heavily on the most recent development in the scene, CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pretraining) which is now so ubiquitous in social media so as to be almost synonymous with AI-generated art.

But let’s begin with some definitions and context. If you are in hurry, feel free to skip the introduction and go straight to the links and resources below, you can always come back later.

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