Generative AI May Help Lake ‘Low-Code’ More ‘No-Code’ – But With Important Caveats

Are generative AI and no-code development becoming synonymous?

It looks that way. Both provide ways to quickly generate code specifying certain routines. But there are distinct differences as well — namely, generative AI assists professional developers, while no and low-code is more targeted at non-developers. Non-developers likely won’t be ready to fuss with AI-generated code any time soon.

A recent survey of 2,000 IT executives released by Microsoft finds 87% of CIOs and IT pros say increased AI and automation embedded into low-code platforms would help them better use the full set of capabilities. This is “a trend we are seeing across low-code tools,” remarks Richard Riley, general manager for Microsoft’s Power Platform.

“Generative AI certainly appears to be another way for code to be automatically generated,” says Dr. James Fairweather, chief innovation officer of Pitney Bowes. “It’s showing the potential to be a great aid in bridging the gap between the intent of a person and the computer programming required to solve a task.”

However, software development is a much more complex experience than simply pumping out code.

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