Framing Planetary Collapse

Thirteen years ago, I dropped out of grad school to learn how to reframe global warming. You know… climate change. The ecological crisis. Planetary collapse. What humans are doing to the planet and how it doesn’t bode well for our collective future or that of millions of other species.

I learned a lot along the way — and much of it had to do with a very dangerous topic. Grief and its relationship to trauma. As it turned out, most people trying to communicate the harms of global warming were doing so in ways that activate grief and trauma such that audiences shut down through some combination of the “3 D’s”: Denial, Delusion, and Disdain.

Embracing A Paradox
The frame of planetary collapse is what turns most people off. So why do some still step forward? The answer has to do with a pesky little issue: how to remain in the discomfort of uncertainty long enough to figure out what you should do.

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