Fortnite isn’t a game, it’s a place

Whether we like it or not, Fortnite is the new hangout. The new living room, or the better ‘third place’ It’s like going to church, or the mall, except there’s an entire universe to mess around in together, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

I’ve probably played Fortnite at least four days a week since I got hooked earlier this year, when a friend taught me how to play. That’s the problem with Fortnite: it’s incredibly difficult for new players to learn, with most people trying it once on their own and figuring it’s too difficult for them — myself included.

Fortnite is enormous and perplexing at first because you can do whatever you want: you jump out of a flying bus soaring over a vast map, land wherever you want (with your team or without, that’s up to you), pushed into the thrust of desperately gathering weapons, materials and other items before someone with a gun finds you.

The virality of Fortnite, however, is something else: if a friend shows you the ropes you’re hooked immediately. I’ve seen this repeatedly with my own circle, who I’m probably responsible for hooking on the game and see online constantly after initially saying they didn’t like it. It ripples out from a group of friends, down the chain as they show their friends, over and over.

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