Foreboding Army PSYOPS Recruitment Video Shows ‘Who’s Pulling the Strings’

A new recruiting video for the US Army psychological operations career field gives off a slightly creepy, surreal vibe.

Given the number of references in the video to Russia and China, it’s also hard not to view this PSYOPS recruiting video itself as a bit of a PSYOP aimed at an overseas audience.

Information warfare has been thrust to the forefront of strategic analyses and conversation surrounding the war in Ukraine, with many experts hailing the efforts of the Ukrainian government’s use of propaganda to garner international support and boost Ukrainian nationalism.

Consider the Ghost of Kyiv, a supposed Ukrainian fighter pilot notorious for shooting down Russian planes. The Ghost quickly became an internet sensation, bolstered by official Ukrainian social media accounts, and a symbol of Ukrainian strength and resiliency when facing a much stronger Russian military foe. That’s all well and good, but it should be noted that the pilot wasn’t real.

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