Findings from Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2020

Ofcom’s 2020 report on the Communications market reveals that the UK spent 39% of its online time on either a Google or Facebook site in 2019.

The Communications Market Report (CMR) is an interactive data portal, which allows people to interrogate data collected from industry by Ofcom, data from Ofcom’s consumer research, and headline figures from selected third parties (including BARB and RAJAR).

What we have found – in brief
The speed of internet connections has increased – 69% of residential broadband lines are superfast (i.e. with speeds of over 30 Mbit/s), an increase of 10 percentage points (pp) since 2018. Half of all lines are now at least part fibre, and the average speed of UK home broadband connections grew by 18% to 64 Mbit/s in 2019.

These faster connections are supporting the use of more data. The volume of data used over both fixed and mobile connections grew by over 30%, with an average of 315 GB used on fixed connections and 2.9 GB on mobile connections per month in 2019.

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