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The spheres of self-interest and morality are no longer separable — Andrew Van Wagner lays out some ideas about how we can save ourselves from global heating.

It’s almost 2023—global heating is bearing down on us in such a ubiquitous, omnipresent, and ominous fashion that it’s completely superfluous to explain the threat.

The question is when enough people will recognize that the spheres of self-interest and morality have merged together. The most self-interested person imaginable must recognize—at this point in history—that their own self-interest has become inseparably entangled with the public interest when it comes to the environment. Nobody wants to live in a fancy bunker while the world burns down—that’s not a life worth living no matter how fancy your bunker is. Global heating is coming for everyone’s family, lifestyle, and property—there’s no magical bunker that will save anyone from the cataclysm, the chaos, and the stampede. And keep in mind that global heating threatens to bring down our fragile global economy—it doesn’t matter how many billions of dollars someone has when the global economy disintegrates, since the billionaires are going back to the Stone Age along with the rest of us at that point.

We can still save ourselves—there’s still a path to survival in this threatened world where the two spheres have merged into one thing. I’ll summarize two books that provide—for people who want to survive—a path to survival.

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