Fake Joe Rogan Interviews Fake Steve Jobs in an AI-Powered Podcast

A voice synthesis company based in Dubai published a fictional podcast interview between Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs using realistic voices digitally cloned from both men.

It takes place during the “first episode” of a purported podcast series called “Podcast.ai,” created by Play.ht, which sells voice synthesis services.

In the interview, you first hear a replication of Rogan’s voice created by voice cloning technology similar to that which we’ve covered before on Ars. Deep learning technology has allowed AI models to replicate distinctive voices with a high degree of accuracy, such as in the case of Darth Vader in Disney’s Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series.

To achieve the effect, someone must first train the AI model on existing samples of the voice that will be cloned. Rogan is a prime target for AI voice training by deep learning models because ample quantities of his isolated voice exist on his podcasts.

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