Facebook’s Smear Campaign

The company is under fire, again, this time for years of dirty tricks exposed by the New York Times. Facebook has endured scandal after scandal in the past two years. This one feels different.

The New York Times published a jaw-dropping report Wednesday that laid out how the company sought to cover up knowledge of Russian meddling and discredit its critics; the paper said COO Sheryl Sandberg oversaw a campaign of dirty tricks while CEO Mark Zuckerberg ignored problems or deflected responsibility. And in short order, once-implausible questions about whether Zuckerberg would fire Sandberg or policy VP Joel Kaplan have become plausible.

But Recode’s Kara Swisher says no matter what, the buck has to stop with Zuckerberg himself.

“Sheryl Sandberg … really comes off the worst in this story, although I still cannot stand the ability of people to pretend that this is not all Mark Zuckerberg’s responsibility,” she said on the latest episode of Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway. “He is the CEO. He has 60 percent. He’s an adult, and they’re treating him like this sort of adult boy king who doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s ridiculous. He knows exactly what’s going on.”

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