Facebook Could Be Trump’s Turnout Weapon

The news Tuesday that Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to fight Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s policies has returned the spotlight to an uncomfortable fact about Facebook’s scale and power

Facebook’s power to promote or block stories, lies, and personalities has been a central story over the last four years. But its greatest proven power in elections is more concrete: Facebook has shown that it can, with a campaign inside the service, drive its users to the polls.

That’s because while Facebook’s cheerful, and scientifically proven, “I Voted” button seems neutral, it isn’t turning out a cross section of Americans. It’s turning out a cross section of people who use Facebook. And as Facebook’s user base morphs into the Trump coalition — older, less-educated, and more Republican — the platform’s get-out-the-vote efforts could become a powerful element of the president’s reelection campaign, one that could tip the vote in battleground states in the general election.

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