Extinction Rebellion’s Next Target

The environmental activists plan to bring the UK’s largest airport to a standstill. But the plan’s proving controversial within Extinction Rebellion

In April, the environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion rose to prominence after occupying major roads and bridges in London, bringing much of the city to a standstill for over a fortnight. But over the past week, the groups’s plan to blockade Heathrow Airport has caused divisions among members of the group, concerned that the action could alienate newly-won supporters.

On May 31 Reuters reported that Extinction Rebellion had drawn up plans to use drones to disrupt planes at Heathrow in mid-June and over the course of two weeks in July. Plans to build a third runway at Heathrow worry environmentalists, who say the expansion will increase noise pollution in the area, and exacerbate overall air pollution. But members of Extinction Rebellion fear that disruption may cause the group more problems than the exposure it will get.

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