Exploring Volumism with Anna Zhilyaeva

The immersive virtual reality artwork of Russian-French artist Anna Zhilyaeva are complete visual experiences, painted sculptures that immerse the viewer not only into the subject matter and message of the artwork, but also the process of getting there.

Inspired by her extensive background in classical fine art and new exposures to virtual reality technology, Zhilayeava sought to build a bridge between the two disciplines, essentially creating her own style in the process: “Volumism” is a new form of painting, pioneered by Zhilayeava, which uses VR technology to utilize volume and space to create 3D sculpted paintings which go far beyond the physical limitations of classic 2D painting.

The painted sculptures created by Zhilyaeva intentionally blend characteristics of classical fine art techniques such as oil painting with the capabilities presented by VR. This technique allows Zhilyaeva to take her story telling to the next level, literally bringing viewers into the artwork. Unlike conventional visual art mediums, with VR volumism the creation process weighs as heavily as the finished product, if not even more so.

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