Experience Batman VR skydiving

Included at San Diego Comic-Con this year will be The Dark Knight Dive, a new immersive experience that combines VR technology and indoor skydiving to deliver the sensation of flying through Gotham City as the Dark Knight.

“The Dark Knight Dive is the centerpiece attraction of THE BATMAN EXPERIENCE and a one-of-a-kind VR skydiving experience into the Gotham City,” states DC in an official release. “By combining a skydive booth with the magic of VR goggles and a helmet in the shape of a Batman cowl, gamers and Batman fans will enjoy a 4D interactive experience. Visitors will virtually fly through Gotham City in pursuit of the Scarecrow, who in attempting to take over the city, unleashes his Fear gas and creates a harrowing journey for fans through Batman’s 80 years of friends and foes.”

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