Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind

Norwegian director Karen Winther made her feature directorial debut with “The Betrayal,” a personal documentary about her involvement in extremist groups as a teenager. “Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind” is her second feature.

“Exit” is a film exploring what can make violent extremists change. With far-right extremism spreading throughout the United States and around the world, the film is a personal and urgent examination of the ways radicalized people legitimize hate and how some, when confronted with the realization that everything they once firmly believed is wrong, are able to gather the courage to embark on extraordinary journeys to turn their lives around.

“Exit” tells the stories of a former left-wing extremist, far-right extremists, and a former jihadist — what made them enter these worlds as well as the threats they face when they attempt to leave those worlds behind.

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EXIT, trailer from Deckert Distribution GmbH on Vimeo.

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